Dads Raising Girls

Find out how to build a rewarding father-daughter relationship. As the primary male role model in a young girl’s life, Dads play an important role in the development of their self-concept and self esteem. This can often affect how they relate to others as they get older, particularly to boys and men. This workshop will discuss: 

    •  common myths and mistakes around father-daughter relationships 
    •  the importance of the father-daughter relationship 
    •  what our daughters need from their dads 
    •  practical ways to improve and maintain a positive and rewarding father-daughter relationship.


*If you are a father going through the separation process we would highly recommend you attend our course 'Survival Kit for Separating Dads' prior to any other parenting course.

Fee: $30 per person
Concession Fee: Concession rates available

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