Introduction to Managing Anger - a workshop for men

Anger management is not about never getting angry.  It is about learning how to regulate and express those angry feelings in ways that won't damage our relationships with others, our health, output at work and other facets of your life.  This short course has been designed for those who are not able to attend our 8 week course due to work, family commitments or those living outside of the metropolitan area.

During this workshop you will:

  • Explore the nuts and bolts of where anger comes from, its physical costs and some myths around anger.
  • Identify the things that trigger your anger, including your core hurts.
  • Learn skills to help regulate emotions so you can respond in a considered way rather than react unhelpfully.
  • Learn how your thinking drives your emotions and how to challenge those thoughts.
  • Develop some helpful skills to improve communication and conflict resolution.
  • Become more aware of where your own behaviour originates from so as to be more understanding of the behaviour of others.

This course is not suitable for people in a situation where there is domestic violence.

Fee: $95 per person
Concession Fee: Concession rates available

Fri 23 August and Sat 24 AugustWest Leederville Details Enquiry
Fri 15 and Sat 16 SeptWest Leederville Details Enquiry